Book 2: Taurus


TITLE: Book 2: Taurus (War Guardian Chronicles)
GENRE: Role-playing, Hack & Slash, Turn-Based
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 10-15 hours


  • Use tools that can help you navigate terrains.
  • Engage in hack-and-slash and turn-based battles.
  • Craft more powerful weapons and accessories.
  • Immerse yourself in the heartwarming original soundtrack.
  • Enjoy exploring a 2D world with original sprites and environment art.
  • Fight your way into job promotions that will give your warriors major stat boosts.


The mysterious disappearance of an Imperial Bride signals the beginning of war between the Queendom of Lucarre and the Berkan Kingdom. Because of this, the Lucarre Guild is tasked to investigate the presence of Berkan spies in the four surrounding Strongholds. Newly appointed guildmaster Xylven Ashellenden, a half-elven archer, calls upon three trustworthy guildmates: Rahkee Calmirsson the shield knight, Kaozen the blacksmith apprentice, and Shahai the acolyte. Will these brave warriors help put an end to this war, or will their tenacity fan the flames even further?

This story takes place at the same time as Book 1: Pisces, but happens in another region of the world. While there are Easter eggs from Pisces all over the game, Taurus is a standalone tale with a new set of characters.

Articles and Information:



Core Team:

Beatrice “DocB” M.V. Lapa, PhD

Character Illustrations:
Clarice “Sao” Menguito
Sheryl Lim

Kane Aoki
Thorton Salvador

Additional Music:
John Nhyne Juno

Map Art & Design:
Mark Detroit Tañeca

Tilesets & Character Sprites:
Mark Detroit Tañeca
Miguel Carlos “Hans” Antonio

Battle Monster Art:
Cherish Princess “Ishy” Socro
Sheryl Lim
Andrezon “Andrei” Ferrer

Backgrounds & Cut Scenes:
Andrei Ferrer
Eunice Grace Gatdula

Skill Animations:
Mischa Rafael “Miel” Balboa
Emman Burgos Briones
Kimberley Hannah Warne
Jihan Mae “Jammy” Rodriguez

Ishy Socro
Andrei Ferrer

Quality Assurance Consultants:
Erin Yap
Jericho Allas

Alpha Testeres:
Jamaica Balbin
Arvin Cabang

Lead Beta Tester:
Jacob Vincent A. Tan

Beta Testers:
Jason C. Ong
Charles Cue
Dylius Jov S. Ouano
Joseph Benjamin B. Medalla

Complete credits in this video:



Doc B is a crazy cat lady who happens to be an indie game producer and has been a web author since 1997. She started her career in the video game industry in 2004, as a writer and gameplay specialist for Level Up, Inc. (Ragnarok Online). Her last dev studio, before building Senshi.Labs, was Anino Games, Inc. (Grave Mania). Her vocation is teaching, so she is a part-time Full Professor at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and at Asia Pacific College. Her portfolio can be found at

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