Turtle Tale


TITLE: Turtle Tale
GENRE: Puzzle
RELEASE DATE: May 13, 2020
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 10-20 minutes

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A short 2D game. Set in a tropical island in the Philippines, play as a volunteer for the Turtle Conservation Society! Explore the town, talk to the locals, and take on tasks that will save the turtles and the environment. Solve mazes, save turtles, segregate waste, and upgrade island facilities!


  • Go on dives and save turtles by collecting the plastic floating in the sea.
  • Fold up plastic materials to master the task of creating ecobricks.
  • Test your plastic segregation skills and sort plastics as fast as you can.

Project Objective

Plastic pollution is a global issue. It hurts marine and forest life. While there is no immediate solution that can eradicate a problem of this scale, we can show you the little ways in which we can slowly overcome this. The game aims to educate the player in the responsible use and ways to discard plastic.




Press Kit

Press Kit – Turtle Tale.


Doc B is a crazy cat lady who happens to be an indie game producer and has been a web author since 1997. She started her career in the video game industry in 2004, as a writer and gameplay specialist for Level Up, Inc. (Ragnarok Online). Her last dev studio, before building Senshi.Labs, was Anino Games, Inc. (Grave Mania). Her vocation is teaching, so she is a part-time Full Professor at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and at Asia Pacific College. Her portfolio can be found at http://docb.me.

One thought to “Turtle Tale”

  1. It’s a charming little game. The art is superb. The music is nice. The plot progression and mini games made sense. No bugs at all.

    The only weird thing for me was the trash segregation part where there was a lot of different colored bins and trash were segregated per specific item insteas of biodegradable, non-bio, etc. At most we use 3 bins in real life to segregate trash.

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