Mathoria Development: An Underdog Story

It was the beginning of the third term of the school year 2013-2014 for De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde when third year students fell in line to pick their thesis advisers. To be honest, I was surprised that the group of Arvin Cabang, Francisco Bate, Steven Escarlan, and Blue Vergara picked me. When I asked them why, Arvin said honestly that he didn’t care who his adviser would be in the next term but that he must learn how to be a producer for that particular term. He basically picked me because I was (still am) a producer.

Well, Mathoria was a test of endurance for all of us. It was a test of their design and programming skills and it was a test of my producer capabilities. To start with, this group had no artist. They were all designer-programmers. Steven was forced to become an artist, an endeavor that almost made him cry every night. Read More

Mathoria: It All Adds Up


TITLE: Mathoria: It All Adds Up
GENRE: Role-playing, Educational
RELEASE DATE: December 27, 2014
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 1 hour

We have been greenlit! Thank you for voting YES!


Initially the thesis project of College of Saint Benilde students (B-Team) under Dr. Lapa (DocB) as adviser, Mathoria: It All Adds Up was created in order to help young schoolchildren practice their addition skills while going on a fun role-playing ride throughout its fictional Island of Additio.


  • Three difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Fight goons using basic addition skills.
  • Learn new skills as you battle more difficult enemies.
  • Help villagers with their daily math problems and be rewarded with useful items.
  • Collect armor sets that bestow various advantages.

The pre-alpha version of this game won at the Philippine Game Festival 2014 Game On competition (Best Edutainment). Mathoria: It All Adds Up is the first of two games in an RPG series. Read More

Prologue: Secrets and Exploits

We’ve already posted a Strategy Guide that was a bit spoiler-free, but we’ve received some valuable feedback from female players who have become fans of Gen and Tauron. Apparently, some of them couldn’t continue playing Prologue: A Guardian Story for fear that they might miss something. So we came up with this secrets and exploits guide in order to make sure that you do not miss anything major.

Not all of the NPC quests are in this list, though. We concentrated on the ones that might be useful to optional boss battles and story routes. Here we go! Read More

Project K Team in Sagada

Project K has been an ongoing project that goes on and off depending on the progress of senshi.labs’ in-house game engine. This is actually based on the thesis project of my former students in Asia Pacific College’s Multimedia Arts program. They graduated in 2010 but it was only last year, while Angge Dannug was doing a Throwback Thursday post on Facebook, that we thought of resurrecting the project even though I was not their thesis adviser. (It was Ms. Luna Pagarigan who handled their project, which was created with the use of Macromedia Flash.)

This was how the project looked originally: Read More