From Senshi with Love

The following passage was written by Eunice Grace Gatdula, who was an art intern for Senshi.Labs in late 2014, but continued to work with Senshi a couple of months after her internship. Eunice is Senshi’s very first intern and she also happens to be the vocalist of The Marty’s. Mathoria Team had her SoundCloud playlist on loop when they were working on their project, thereby turning her into their muse.


Well, I didn’t even know I was working on Adarna and Song of Pisces at first! It actually just started off as an activity: create monsters. And I just let it rip! When I started making things in the beginning, I didn’t even know what I was making it for. I mean, I knew it was a game, but I didn’t know any cheat codes or in-depth information about it. I didn’t even know the names of the main characters in the game. All I knew was, “Make this, and make it animate well.”
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