Re-Writing Berbanya and Kristales

When we first started working on the Adarna series in 2014, we were itching to re-imagine the world penned by Jose de la Cruz. The first part of the corrido was set in the fictional Kingdom of Berbanya, where Prince Juan sets off to find not only the cure for his ailing father but also his missing brothers. After Juan rescues his brothers, sane readers might realize how dysfunctional the royal family is. Juan’s older brothers, Pedro and Diego, were so inexplicably evil that questions could be raised as to the values being imparted by this high school reading requirement. So we proceeded to re-write their story by way of Adarna, the first of the series, which was released in 2015. Read More

Alamat ni Maria Blanca: Mga Gabay sa Layunin

Ang pahinang ito ay tungkol sa larong Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca. Para sa mga taong ninanais na kumpletuhin ang mga gawain, narito ang gabay. Kung medyo mahirap kalabanin ang iba sa mga malalakas na maligno, maaari ding abangan ang mga naglalako ng mga librong pampalakas sa iba’t ibang mapa. Bihira nga lamang sila magpakita, kaya’t maaari nyo rin balik balikan ang mga mapa kung san sila matatagpuan.

(This page is about the game Adarna: The Legend of Maria Blanca. For those who want to complete the side missions, here is the guide. If you’re having difficulty battling the stronger bosses, you may want to keep an eye out on merchants who sell books that increase your stats. They can be rare, but they may appear whenever you re-enter some maps.) Read More

Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca


TITLE / TITULO: Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca
GENRE / URI: Role-playing, Educational (RPG, Pang-Edukasyon)
RELEASE DATE / INILATHALA: August 25, 2016 (25 Agosto, 2016)
GAMEPLAY LENGTH / HABA: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (Mahigit-kumulang 1 oras, 30 minutos)


This game is the sequel to Adarna, which was released in the year 2015.

In the original 17th century Ibong Adarna tale by Jose de la Cruz, the Princesses Maria Blanca, Juana and Leonora were merely the girlfriends of the protagonist Prince Juan. At the end of the corrido, Juan picks Maria Blanca as his preferred wife, while the other two women became the wives of Juan’s brothers, Pedro and Diego. All three women had interesting backgrounds, but the way they were treated in the story left something to be desired. This is a manuscript that is often discussed in Filipino literature classes, but the portrayal of women — either as damsels in distress or prizes to be chosen — are not empowering. Read More