Creating Book 1: Pisces (Relaxed Edition)

We were supposed to start working on Book 2: Taurus in January of 2016, right after all the character illustrations have been submitted by our resident concept artist, Sao Menguito. In fact, our pixel artist Hans Antonio had already begun creating the tile sets and the character sprites for Taurus. To this day, I have not started building its world. The reason for this? Last January, I was paralyzed by the lack of closure I had with Song of Pisces. By that, I mean, despite the fact that I had labored so much to build its world, I had been unhappy with the outcome. That is, fans of its predecessor, Prologue, had been completely alienated by it.

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Song of Pisces: Tips & Map Secrets

War Guardian Chronicles Book 1: Song of Pisces is a game with pretty straightforward maps and quests. There are, however, some maps that tend to be confusing. So we decided to provide a gallery of the game’s larger maps. These should show players where exits and important quest items can be found. We also provided screenshots to serve as guides for quests and side quests. The sections are divided thus:

  • General Strategy
  • Map Gallery
  • Quests
  • Side Quests
  • Job Promotion

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Pisces: A Story of How My Team Rescued Me

There were a lot of things different with how I built Song of Pisces compared to how I built Prologue. For starters, though there were customizations I’ve done with Prologue’s system, they were nothing compared to the customizations I have done for Song of Pisces. This project was such a massive lesson in itself for me; it felt like making a game for the first time.

First Steps

Pisces’ core story has been around for 10 years, written by me and my Ragnarok Online guildmates for the characters we built in that world. Creating a game with it was another matter entirely. For one thing, there was the issue of maturity. For another, there was the issue of differences in medium. Most important issue: this must become an original game in itself, with a story that is completely different from the world of Ragnarok Online. As an adult, a lot of the stuff I had written for my own characters a decade ago make me cringe now, and there were scenes you can easily write on paper that could not be translated just as easily in-game. Needless to say, before I embarked on the project, I knew that there was going to be a lot of re-writing involved. So I decided to start by re-creating my own characters first and sending them out to my favorite illustrator, Clarice “Sao” Menguito. Read More

Book 1: Song of Pisces (WGC1)


TITLE: Book 1: Song of Pisces (War Guardian Chronicles)
GENRE: Role-playing, Hack ‘n’ Slash
RELEASE DATE: May 16, 2015
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 9-15 hours

Since the beginning of time, twelve Guardians watched over the planet, its inhabitants and life force. Reborn many times over, the Guardians’ most important duty is to serve as spiritual guides to many warriors who perform heroic deeds throughout history. Eighty-five years ago, the Guardians mysteriously disappeared, just when the threat of a Holy War began to rise. In dire need of a new breed of warriors, the last remaining Water Guardian emerged from her shelter to recruit five women: an acolyte from a dying clan of powerful seers, a holy squire protected by a sentimental scientist, a lost dark elf seeking refuge in the Mercenary Guild, and twin sisters: a monk-in-training and a rising minstrel.

  • Enjoy a real-time hack-and-slash battle system.
  • Use tools that can help you navigate terrains.
  • Craft more powerful weapons and accessories.
  • Immerse yourself in the heartwarming original soundtrack.
  • Fight your way into job promotions that will give your warriors major stat boosts.

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