Prologue: Strategy Guide

Did you know that Prologue has two endings?

Here are some semi spoiler-free tips to help you make the most out of your gameplay.


NPCs with portraits.

This is pretty much an unwritten rule for most RPGamers, but for those who are new to the genre, it helps to take note of NPCs that have character portraits. It means that they either give great rewards or they are the keys to unlocking parts of the story branches. Revisit them from time to time or after every major milestone (like getting a new party member or when you feel that your group has become closer).


Getting the true ending.

There is only one way to get the true ending and that is to upgrade your characters’ weapons to ultimate level (S) as soon as you possibly can. It will take a lot of money, effort, and not a small amount of hoarding ores. The NPC pictured above is one of the keys to getting them. She will create the ingredients you need for level S weapons if you collect enough character coins. Tauron will craft these weapons himself on his Workshop table.

Friendship has benefits.

Deepening your bond with your party members can help you reap rewards, such as stat and skill bonuses. Make sure that every “alone time” you get becomes an opportunity to explore the university and unlock cut scenes. You also get character coin pieces that are needed for crafting level S weapons.

Surviving difficult dungeons.

Have a weak party member guard until s/he is strong enough to survive without guarding. There are also times when you shouldn’t immediately finish a quest, especially if you’re not a grinder. Who knows, you might have something that you can utilize to its fullest before returning it. ^_-


Surviving boss battles.

The bosses in this game can get pretty difficult later. Some of them, however, are susceptible to status attacks. So if you have gained these skills, constantly bombard bosses with debuffs.

That’s about it. Good luck and have fun!


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