TITLE: Anemone
GENRE: Puzzle, Sidescroller
RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2015
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 30 minutes

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A mini-game about Anemone, a young girl whose mother had passed away. Drag her through 5 stages of grief to help her emotionally recover from her loss. Find the angels who could tell her mother’s story and help Anemone relive her most precious memories.

This was originally a capstone project by College of Saint Benilde students (team SirMoonSheep) under adviser Dr. Lapa. The pre-alpha version of this game, which was then only available on PC, won three awards at the Philippine Game Festival 2014 Game On student competition: Best Narrative, Best Art, and Game of the Year. It was also Best Capstone Project in the very first Incendium 2014.



Core Team: SirMoonSheep
Artist & Story Director: Cherish Socro
Programmer & Designer: Dyle Ouano
Designer: Silver Reynoso

Support Team: Senshi.Labs
Sound Designer: Nhyne Junio
Lead QA: Erin Isobelle Yap
Volunteer Testers: Tricia Monsod, Sheryl Lim, Jojo Yango, Cameron Russell
Producer: DocB


Press Kit

You may download the press kit here.
Press Kit – Anemone

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