TITLE: Zenaya
GENRE: Puzzle Platformer
RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2015
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 10 minutes
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Zenaya is a 10-minute experimental mini-game by Senshi.Labs as a means to test the player’s knowledge about Philippine folklore. Think of this game as a visual riddle that you have to solve.

Story: Zenaya’s physical body has been stolen by a Diwata. To retrieve it, she has to pass through the obstacles that the Diwata throws at her. As you control Zenaya, weave your way through puzzles and mythical creatures lurking in the dark by switching to her temporary corporeal form and back.



Core Team:
Programmer: Sheryl Lim
Level Designer: King Bernal
Sound Designer: John Nhyne Junio
Lead QA: Erin Isobelle Yap
Volunteer Testers: Felix Palabrica, Cameron Russell, Cladius Yango, Arvin Cabang, Lorianne Halago
Artist & Producer: Jamaica Balbin
QA & Executive Producer: Doc B



Press Kit

You may download our press kit here.
Press Kit – Zenaya

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