Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca


TITLE / TITULO: Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca
GENRE / URI: Role-playing, Educational (RPG, Pang-Edukasyon)
RELEASE DATE / INILATHALA: August 25, 2016 (25 Agosto, 2016)
GAMEPLAY LENGTH / HABA: Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (Mahigit-kumulang 1 oras, 30 minutos)


This game is the sequel to Adarna, which was released in the year 2015.

In the original 17th century Ibong Adarna tale by Jose de la Cruz, the Princesses Maria Blanca, Juana and Leonora were merely the girlfriends of the protagonist Prince Juan. At the end of the corrido, Juan picks Maria Blanca as his preferred wife, while the other two women became the wives of Juan’s brothers, Pedro and Diego. All three women had interesting backgrounds, but the way they were treated in the story left something to be desired. This is a manuscript that is often discussed in Filipino literature classes, but the portrayal of women — either as damsels in distress or prizes to be chosen — are not empowering.


Adarna: The Legend of Maria Blanca re-imagines what it would be like if these princesses’ lives did not revolve around Juan or his brothers. Many regions of pre-Hispanic Philippines had matriarchal societies, and while the first Adarna game released by Senshi.Labs had a very Western feel to it, this sequel attempts to transport the players back to an indigenous pre-colonial atmosphere while keeping the language somewhat up to date.

This adventure starts off in the Kingdom of Reinos de los Kristales, where the Princess Maria Blanca learns that her sister Isabela has fallen ill. A hermit approaches Maria to inform her that Isabela can only be cured by the mythical creature of Adarna. Maria then slips away from the kingdom and embarks on a quest to find the legendary bird.



Ito ang ikalawang aklat ng larong Adarna, na inilabas noong taong 2015.

Nang isulat ni Jose de la Cruz noong ika-17 na siglo ang orihinal na Ibong Adarna, kasintahan ng bidang si Prinsipe Juan ang mga prinsesang sina Maria Blanca, Juana at Leonora. Sa pagtatapos ng korido, piniling kabiyak ni Juan si Maria Blanca. Napangasawa naman ng kaniyang mga kuyang si Pedro at Diego ang dalawang babae na hindi niya napili. Kagiliw-giliw ang pagkatao ng tatlong babae, ngunit hindi kanais-nais ang pag-akda sa mga ito. Bilang isang manuskrito na madalas talakayin sa panitikang Pilipino, nararapat lamang na talakayin nito ang problemadong pag-trato sa mga kababaihan.


Sa Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca, muling iisipin ang posibilidad na magkaroon ng sariling kapalaran sina Maria, Juana, at Leonora na hindi umiikot kay Juan at sa kanyang mga kapatid. Maraming lipunan ang may matriyarkal na kultura bago sumailalim ang Pilipinas sa kapangyarihan ng Espanya. Bagamat ramdam ang kulturang Kanluranin sa unang larong Adarna na inilabas ng Senshi.Labs, ibinabalik ng karugtong sa pagkakataong ito ang ilan sa mga katutubong palaalamatan.

Nagsisimula ang pakikipagsapalarang ito sa Kaharian ng Reinos de los Kristales, kung saan nagkakaroon ng malubhang karamdaman si Isabela na kapatid ni Prinsesa Maria Blanca. Isang ermitanyo ang lumalapit kay Maria upang ipaalam na ang Ibong Adarna lamang ang makakapag-pagaling kay Isabela. Dahil dito, tumakas si Maria mula sa kanilang kaharian upang hanapin ang maalamat na Ibong Adarna.


Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca was nominated for 4 categories in the Philippine Information Communication and Technology Awards, which was held at the 10th Animahenasyon Festival. It bagged Best Narrative, Best Sound and Music Design, and Best Educational Game.



Core Team (Pangunahing Koponan)

Game Designer (Tagalikha ng Laro): Mark Detroit C. Tañeca
Lead Writer (Punong Manunulat): Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD
Editor (Patnugot): Arvin D. Cabang
Writer (Manunulat): Mark Detroit C. Tañeca
Lead Artist (Punong Tagaguhit): Kimberley Hannah P. Warne
Artists (Mga Tagaguhit): Emman Burgos Briones, Mischa Rafael Balboa, Cherish Princess Socro, Andrezon Ferrer, Jihan Mae Rodriguez, Claudius Jose Yango
Sound Designer (Kompositor): John Nhyne T. Junio
Lead QA (Punong Tagasuri): Neil Alcuran
Quality Assurance (Mga Tagasuri): Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD, Jericho C. Allas
Production Assistant (Kalihim ng Produksyon): Francesca Ann Espinola
Producer (Taga-pangasiwa ng Produksyon): Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD


Original Soundtrack

Press Kit

You may download our press kit here.

17 thoughts to “Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca”

    1. Nope! The first one was a story about the brothers (we’ve also re-written their toxic relationship, since we can’t honestly believe that Pedro and Diego should be that evil without a real motive). This one is focused solely on the women, with the guys as guest characters. The two games contain similar stories but at the same time completely different. We also believe that Adarna: Alamat ni Maria Blanca is 10x better in nearly everything (art, music, quest progression). 😀

      1. Only a few hours into the game and I find it really adorable! I take it you guys are cool with some constructive criticism? Amma write a review on my playthrough as soon as I get the time (Ooh! It’s a holiday!). 😛 Thanks for making a wonderful free game, totes awesome!

        1. Sure! The improvements in our games were all based on other feedback anyway. 🙂 Of course, you’ll also have to take into account the target demographic (high school kids). Thanks!! 🙂

          EDIT: Wait…hours? XD You must have spent a lot of time with it, haha! (Gameplay length should be around 1 hour 30 minutes on the average. Haha!)

          1. Hey, my dungeon crawling compulsion acting up. I don’t progress until I’m confident with my level, okay? Next thing you know I have a chart of the game’s economy and level grinding guide! Haha.

            I also found a bug or 2, one of which is the audio controls aren’t working. I don’t want to add those on my blogpost so where can I file these bugs?

          2. Haha, oh, you don’t have to grind! There’s a traveling salesman (rare, so you have to exit and revisit the maps) scattered all over the place. He sells strength boosters. Level cap is 20, so those boosters are your best bet.

            Thanks for mentioning the bug! The kids can read it from here so they can keep track of those in the future. ?

            We also just posted a guide for the side quests and ultimate skills (hidden). Sorry for being late about it!

          3. Haha. Different RPG playing styles’ something to be expected from players. Bad habits die hard I guess, so some designers would work around these playing styles so players don’t obsess (level grind) over a single dungeon. Also, don’t be sorry about the late game guide, I like to finish the game trying to catch all the secrets and tid bits without consulting online help (it makes me feel smart y’see? jk)

            Besides the audio bug, I find it weird that dungeon enemies have collision detection. I intentionally want to fight enemies rather than avoid them, but my character evades instead. Best I could do is stand beside them, or wait for them to collide to me.

          4. Re: collision: Really? I keep avoiding the enemies and they seem to detect me instead. It’s actually one of the things our QA team complained about before (when they’re far, they still seem to touch you). I think our game designer (since he’s also technical) had a headache with that. Hahaha! Interesting.

          5. Yeah- about that, sometimes I get enemy encounters even without any enemy on sight. This might be the randomly spawning enemies in the map. They’re there but when they are just about to physically materialize, you bump into them instead. Crazy!

          6. Haha, oh yeah, those, too. They do respawn and I sometimes step into the respawn place while they’re about to form again. Haha!

    1. Hi, I’m Detroit, the designer of the game. I didn’t notice that you have the same menu system but the menu plugins that we used in this game was a combination of Yanfly’s main menu manager, MOG’s menu background, and GALV’s Bust Menu. Anyways, I have seen your page and it has plenty of awesome and convenient plugins. This menu might look identical but if I only knew it earlier I might use your menu plugin instead.

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