Mathoria: The Last Solution


TITLE: Mathoria: The Last Solution
GENRE: Role-playing, Educational
RELEASE DATE: January 23, 2017
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 2 hours

Core Team

Lead Artist: Kimberley Hannah Warne
Artists: Jeremy Plana, Jihan Mae “Jammy” Rodriguez
Animations: Miel Balboa
Lead Designer: Mark Detroit Tañeca
Designers: Joeffrey “Blue” Vergara, Steven Escarlan
Programmer: Arvin Cabang, Francisco Bate
Lead Quality Assurance: Jericho “Jikoy” Allas
Quality Assurance: Neil Alcuran, Francesca Espinola
Composer: Nhyne Junio

Producer: Arvin Cabang
Executive Producer: Beatrice “DocB” Lapa, PhD


Original Soundtrack

Press Kit

You may download the press kit from here.
Press Kit – Mathoria2

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