Lutong Bahay: Lola’s Home Cooking


TITLE: Lutong Bahay: Lola’s Home Cooking
GENRE: Simulation
RELEASE DATE: December 22, 2020
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 10-20 minutes

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Take on the task of inheriting your grandmother’s carinderia by travelling across the Philippines, learning how to cook iconic Filipino dishes, and discovering the history and culture of its place of origin. Explore the region, talk to the locals, and learn famous Filipino recipes!

Project Objective

Lutong Bahay: Lola’s Home Cooking aims to showcase iconic Filipino dishes, utilizing the interactive and immersive characteristic of videogames in order to facilitate an understanding of how the dishes are prepared, as well as the historical background of how the dishes originated. The project also seeks to instill in its players a deeper appreciation towards the rich and culturally diverse culinary history and traditions of the Philippines. In doing so, the developers hope that the project could help spark interest towards our local cuisine, not only on a national level, but on a global scale as well.


Concept Details

This game is a PROOF OF CONCEPT. For questions about expanding this project and future partnerships, please contact Mr. Neal Padama at



Lead Designer
Trina Francesca Pagtakhan

Lead Programmers
Michelle Lim

Nahyan Al Falahi
Maria Angelica Canta
Cesar Paolo Donato
Bryan Andrei Galecio

Almighty Artist:
Trina Francesca Pagtakhan

Sound Designer:
Maria Angelica Canta

Technical Consultant:
Arthur Kyle Estuar

Lead Quality Assurance:
Paolo Teodoro

Quality Assurance Assistant:
Dong Lao

Paul Andrew Lopez
Vince Aviles
Raphael Antonio
Joben Maratas
Johann Caraig

Special thanks to:
Gwendelyn Foster
Francis Gabriel Roque
Solon Chen
Kevin Brian Valmonte
David Ramos
Al Louise Lucas
Timothy the Cat
Kitty the Cat
Tom the Cat
Sophie the Cat
Miguel Viejon

Operations Director:
Czarina Loraine Milan

Neal Patrick Padama

Executive Producer:
Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD (DocB)

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