Zero Hero


TITLE: Zero Hero
RELEASE DATE: December 18, 2021
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 10-20 minutes

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Join the clean-and-green ranks of Zero Waste champion Zera and become a Zero Hero! Hone your Zero Waste knowledge and skills as you use the powers of recycling, repurposing, and using the bin — all while having fun! As Zero Heroes, join and spread the effort to make our homes cleaner and greener as we realize the dream of a better planet to live in!

Project Objective

The primary objective of the project is to produce an educational entertainment video game that teaches elementary school aged children the concept and processes of the Zero Waste approach.

The secondary objectives are the following:

  1. To create an interactive, learning experience of Zero Waste concepts and processes that is usable by both family members or other adults teaching children or children themselves doing these.
  2. To provide an engaging user experience that is tailored to the attentional and motivational needs of the children, making the experience more effective in teaching and in evoking transference from concepts to actions in their daily lives.
  3. To provide interactive, gamified Zero Waste processes that are safe, virtual, and representative of daily scenarios, as due to the current pandemic, children are not allowed to head out and participate in outdoor learning activities on waste management.




Lead Designer: Elijah Francis Agustin
Artists: John Michael Gueco Marco Alessandro Severino
Assistant Artist: Deshawn Heringer
Programmer: Roumaine Terri Soliveres
Sound Effects Designer: Marco Alessandro Severino
Project Coordinator: Roumaine Terri Soliveres
Composer: Deshawn Heringer

Quality Assurance: Jericho “Jikoy” Allas, Miguel Araneta, Francesca Ann Espinola

Prototype Testers: Mark Jericho Bona, Lorenzo Ramirez de Arellano, Dennis Paulo Delgado, Christian Gabriel Co, Miguel Carlos Batucan, Dominic Nantes, Timothy John Ureta, Patrick Joseph German, Stephanie Concepcion, Anton Lorenzo Teves, Paul Ian Paman, Carlos Benjamin Arriola, Howe Andre Luke Yap, Victor Philippe Cabuay, Alessandro Diego Aguilar, Ellan James Centeno, Rafael John Deleste, Michael Joshua Garay Miguel Emilio Moreto

Adviser: Felix Palabrica
Technical Consultant: Arthur Kyle Estuar
Art Consultant: Shantel Daya
Quality Assurance: Paolo Teodoro
Production: Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD

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