In Time Earth


TITLE: In Time Earth
RELEASE DATE: September 3, 2022
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 10-20 minutes

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The player is a scientist who wants to clean up his timeline, which had become a post-apocalyptic mess. He goes back in time to learn about what environmental issues had transpired as a result of electronic waste, then helps the citizens of the past repair their devices. He hopes that spreading awareness about electronic waste could lead to a better future.


The project is a video game that aims to make the player more aware of the issues of electronic waste (e-waste) on the environment as well as to make them consider repairing electronic devices before replacing them. E-waste is a growing modern problem that can negatively affect the environment if improperly disposed of and is a problem that is estimated to grow in the coming years. The repairing of electronic devices before disposing or replacing them has been cited as a key factor in helping to reduce e-waste. Studies, however, show that only about half of global users would consider repairing a device before replacing it. A quantitative questionnaire was created and then disseminated via Google forms to help the designers get more information. Findings show that most of the respondents were likely to consider repairing their device before replacing it. Overall, the respondents were mostly aware of the effects of e-waste on the environment. There was, however, a portion of the respondents who were not aware of the negative effects of e-waste on the environment. The findings helped the design team in coming up with level designs and scenarios that are aimed at increasing awareness about the effects of e-waste on certain aspects of the environment.




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