Folktales: The Story of Pineapple


TITLE: Folktales: The Story of Pineapple
RELEASE DATE: March 22, 2023
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: 15-20 minutes

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Game Overview

Play as a young girl named Pina, who lives with her mother. One day, Pina’s mother falls sick. Because Pina grew up spoiled and lazy, an enchantress threatens to turn her into a fruit if she doesn’t learn how to do her share around the house. Help Pina accomplish her chores in order to stop her from turning into a pineapple.


Folk tale: The Story of the Pineapple is inspired by the Philippine legend of the same name. As the story goes, a young girl kept asking her mother where an object was until the mother got angry and wished that the daughter would grow eyes so that she would stop the incessant questions (Aguinaldo, 2003). The project focuses more on the first part of the tale, when the mother spoiled her child up to the point where the child becomes helpless with regards to basic life skills.

Spoiling your children is fine as long as it is justifiable. When it becomes too much, where it seems that the child becomes the head of the house, and the parents find themselves at their beck and call, then this is something worth questioning (Kolbert, 2012). Children who are “born” lazy is a myth. One of the reasons why they grow up spoiled and lazy is because of how they were raised by their parents (Levine, 2003). The project aims to illustrate, albeit in a stylized and exaggerated fashion, how spoiled children could grow up into dependent, lazy, and entitled adults.


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