Mathoria: It All Adds Up


TITLE: Mathoria: It All Adds Up
GENRE: Role-playing, Educational
RELEASE DATE: December 27, 2014
GAMEPLAY LENGTH: Approximately 1 hour

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Initially the thesis project of College of Saint Benilde students (B-Team) under Dr. Lapa (DocB) as adviser, Mathoria: It All Adds Up was created in order to help young schoolchildren practice their addition skills while going on a fun role-playing ride throughout its fictional Island of Additio.


  • Three difficulty levels to choose from.
  • Fight goons using basic addition skills.
  • Learn new skills as you battle more difficult enemies.
  • Help villagers with their daily math problems and be rewarded with useful items.
  • Collect armor sets that bestow various advantages.

The pre-alpha version of this game won at the Philippine Game Festival 2014 Game On competition (Best Edutainment). Mathoria: It All Adds Up is the first of two games in an RPG series.




Core Team

Lead Designer: Steven Escarlan
Level Designer: Blue Vergara
Programmer: Francisco Bate
Artist: Jeremy Plana
Composer: Nhyne Junio
Lead QA: Neil Alcuran

Producer/Programmer/Designer: Arvin D. Cabang
Executive Producer: Beatrice M.V. Lapa, PhD

Additional Assets

Additional Scripts:
Moghunter, Zalerinian, Yanfly, Helladen

Additional Tilesets: Celianna
Special Thanks:
De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
Josephine B. Culala, BSE




Original Soundtrack


Press Kit

You may download the press kit from here.
Press Kit – Mathoria

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